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    Wednesday, September 12, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

    How to Lose a House in 10 Days

    How to Lose a House in 10 Days

    Home buying is arguably one of the most stressful purchasing experiences in adult life. Why is the process so draining? Unfortunately, there are myriad of issues that can make a deal fall through – especially if you aren’t working with a professional agent. RE/MAX has 10 ways you might lose out on your dream home and how working with an experienced RE/MAX agent can help you avoid them:
    1. You don’t have enough saved up for the down paymentSurprise! Homes are expensive. In addition to closing costs, there can also be unexpected fees around every corner. Make sure that you have significant cushion savings in addition to whatever you plan on putting down for your house-you never know how these things will play out.
    2. You don’t have your ducks in a rowStaying organized is essential when you’re house hunting. Are you serious about the bid you’re putting down? Make sure that you’re fully aware of all deadlin ...

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    Wednesday, August 15, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

    Couple’s Guide to Buying a House Together

    Part of being in a relationship with another person is the milestones you two will share together. One of the biggest milestones a couple will experience together is buying and moving into their first home. Buying a home is a difficult decision for one person to make on their own, but when trying to reconcile the needs, wants and expectations of two people, things can get complicated rather quickly. To help guide you through the buying process, here are four tips that will make sure to keep you and your partner happy.

    Set Your Priorities
    The first, and most important, step to buying a house together is to sit down and really evaluate what each person wants and needs in their home. Buying a house is not a fleeting decision and once you settle on a new place to call home, you can expect to call it home for a while. Any decision you make together should keep that in mind. The best advice here is to be honest with your partner. Only after expressing your big expectations can the ...

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    Friday, June 01, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

    5 Budgeting Tips For Homebuying

    5 Budgeting Tips For Homebuying
    Buying a home will likely be one of the biggest financial transactions you make, and preparing your budget beforehand makes the home buying process much less stressful. The following tips and expert insight can help you get your budget in order before you make the big transaction.
    1. Organize Your Finances
    You may know how much you have in your checking and savings accounts, but do you know how much you spend on household expenses each month? Or how much high-interest and credit card debt you have? It’s important to get a clear idea of where your money goes in order to figure out what you can afford and what your home buying timeline looks like. Personal finance experts at OnStride suggest breaking down your finances into the following categories:

    Level 1: Basic Budgeting: Basic financial needs, like rent, groceries and gas.
    Level 2: Emergency Funds: In case of an accident or other costly event.
    Level 3: Passive Preparation: 401 ...

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    Thursday, April 05, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

    First-time Homebuyers: You're Closer To A Down Payment Than You Think

    First-time Homebuyers: You're Closer To A Down Payment Than You Think
    For many first-time buyers, saving for a down payment is the most difficult step in the home-buying process. However, it's a common misconception that you always need 20 percent down to buy a home. ?

    Here’s the lowdown on the most popular low-down alternative payment options:

    FHA Loan
    Traditionally the mortgage of choice for first-time buyers, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers government-insured loans with as little as 3.5 percent down. The most popular FHA loan option, the 203(b), is widely available from lenders across the country. You may qualify with a credit score of just 500, although there may be limitations on some condo purchases.

    Home Possible from Freddie Mac
    This program allows you to put between 3 and 5 percent down, as long as you intend to use the home as your primary residence, and don't currently own or share ownership of another house. You'll also need to complete a ...

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    Wednesday, March 14, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

    5 Reasons School Ratings Matter (Whether You Have Kids or Not)

    Schools can have a big impact on property value and quality of life. If you're buying a home, here are a few reasons local school ratings matter – even if you don't have kids.

    1.The next buyer will consider school ratings, too

    According to a recent National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 25 percent of homebuyers listed school quality and 20 percent listed proximity to schools as deciding factors in their home purchase. Another survey conducted by Realtor.com showed that 91 percent of the people surveyed included school district boundaries in their decision-making process. You may be surprised to learn that not all of the shoppers involved in the studies had ki ...

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